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About Our Business

EXTENSIVE Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established through the existing market requirements to provide extensive specialized services Specific Solutions, Custom-Made Cleaning Solutions / Business Leadership Coaching / Consulting / Workshops / Personal Development through Assessments, Safety functions and Technical applications.


XBS strive for the highest possible results, standards, excellence and professional work ethics for development and professional turnkey solutions.

XBS has more than 25 years’ practical experience in the various markets. XBS strive to offer effective value add support to each client through professional skills, educated feedback and pro-activeness. We prioritize effective support/ service to clients with the professional conduct, and hands-on approach to achieve results.


EXTENSIVE Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd provides Professional Personal Development Psychometric Assessments and Future Leader coaching to develop businesses to grow within their skill development plan. Consultations are available to find the required solution for your business environment. XBS personnel have in depth corporate business experience to support and execute your requirements. 



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